Several years ago we discovered a large local market for firewood. All of our firewood is sourced sustainably either from trees that have fallen from severe weather or have been damaged by wind. There is also a need to thin trees in order to maintain healthy hardwood and softwood forests.

The trees are cut into manageable sections on site and are them loaded onto a trailer to be brought to the farm. We then use Robert’s bespoke designed log splitter to split the logs into small pieces. A tractor then lifts a large bucket full into a bespoke designed reinforced metal funnel, where the logs fall neatly into metal crates ready for drying. The crates full of firewood are then stacked in a barn specially designed for airflow to go around the crates for rapid drying. The wood is regularly tested with humidity testing equipment and once it is at the optimum level the logs are poured into fertiliser sized bags ready for delivery.

storm damaged tree - firewood - Welfield

Tree fallen due to storm damage

tree cut into manageable pieces - firewood - Welfield

Tree sliced into more manageable sections

firewood - barn - Welfield

Large sections are then brought back to the farm

firewood splitting - Welfield

Wood is split into firewood using a bespoke log splitter

firewood stacking - Welfield

Logs are stacked in creates for rapid drying

firewood loading - Welfield

Dried logs are then tipped into fertiliser bags ready for shipping

How to buy firewood

To buy firewood, please contact us by telephone or completing the contact form on our contact page.

To avoid disappointment please ensure that you have arranged an appointment prior to visiting us.